Colonial Bookbinder

Life as a bookbinder are hard. I have to have a lot of patience and strength to hold the heavy tools. It can also be kinda fun cause its like sewing. I think the hardest part of my day is bookbinding  {haha get it the whole job is hard} . We have these really cool tools that help us bind the book and its pages  together . I can also make really cool designs on the books. It also makes me so very precise with everything cause I actually have to fold pages together [that’s were precise comes in] .  I then have to pass on to my fellow worker and he places on the cover of said book . I think he gets the fun part cause he gets to hit the pages down with a hammer. I have about 1k a day. cause just think some books have 200-400 pages at a time. 

Definition Poem


Who is Anne Hutchinson ?

Speaks her mind 

Got banished for religious beliefs 

A influential puritan spiritual leader

Teacher Bible sessions to a women group

Early colonists

Called a “American Jezebel”

Very smart

Joined congregation of John Cotton

Spread her own interpretations of the Bible 

Puritan spiritual leader 

That is Anne Hutchinson

Halloween Horror

Me and my  best friend Alex and Austin were walking through the dark woods to Walmart and it was before sunrise we heard a loud mmmmm. We discovered it was Jaidan the vampire! She walked with us to Walmart. OMG, the Doritos are gone (over the intercom we hear , ” a NFL player named kyler who has seemed to eat all the doritos. “oh hey” (KYLER SAID) “Do I know you ” (ME) yes from white oak(KYLER) oh yeah last time I saw you we were doing that halloween story. (KADEE) oh yeah well I got blaze Doritos left. (KYLER) ok well I gotta go to stupid Hamilton with Jaidan . were did my squad go.( I ASK MYSELF) oh there they are building a toilet paper fort. Lets go yall were gonna go to Hamilton . So as we walk to  Hamilton we lose Jaidan and Austin so now we dont have to go to Hamilton . So me and Alex go to see IT instead. BTW were all about 17-20 and non of this really happened sorry for my freinds who dissapeared