911 Reflection

9-11 was a sad time . It broke us but somehow made us closer ,I know I could really understand how it felt but I truly am sorry for the people there and the people that passed on. However there were some good things that happened that day . All the ”Plain People” [the people that were in air landing so the didn’t die]  those people landed a small little airport. Those people took in the ”plane people” they fed them clothed them and even installed phones and satellite . The ”plan people” then the next day took back off to there destination. Meanwhile in NYC people were confused and hurt not sure what to think about everything . This one of the most important things that’s happened to us . I know this was long but hopefully worth it . Please keep teaching/learning 9-11  . Have a great day!


11 September 2001 – New York – A fireball erupts from the south tower of the World Trade Center as the second of two hijacked airlines crash into the building in the morning of September 11, 2001. The buildings later collapsed. PHOTO CREDIT: DAN DOANE JR. / SIPA PRESS

Pumkin Patch



Its here! Pumpkin Spice Season, sweater weather . The large orange pumpkins are so pretty. Today were are going to a pumpkin patch and its gonna be kinda crisp so im gonna wear a big chunky sweater. I need to wear some boots cause its gross and muddy out there. I plan to get 2 big perfect pumpkins. Then 4 smaller cuter ones to decorate around my door after I get the seeds out.

Life in 5th grade

I’ve been in 5th grade for 2 weeks  Its a lot different than 3rd or 4th but in a good way, i still miss my old third and fourth grade teachers but I love my new teachers and Mr.McBride isnt as scary as I thought. We went outside to the nature center and i saw a butterfly. I have some new stuff which is always fun. I love most of my teachers, and classes. So far its pretty simple but i know it gets harder. Have a great 5th grade year!  

4th Grade

Hey , i’m gonna tell you about how 4th grade is. Its hard at first, but once you get used to it and know your schedule and every thing then you will like it.

I love 4th grade now , I hope you get the awsome teacher that I did . Have a great 4th grade year!


P.S if you had Mrs.Williams then you’ll want her back.