This is a sad and happy thing! I’ts happy because, he has now gained his wings and cancer free !

His family is in my prayers . I know this is hard for them  but we will all get thru it . He had a blessed life .

I didint know him as well as others but I will keep him in my prayers every night ! White,Oak


Because of Winn-Dixie

Hi, I am going to tell you about my faviorite character.

Opal,Opal is my faviorite character. Why cause Opal is very caring, loving, and very nice. She is caring for her dad, and her mom even tho shes not living with them.

Oh,hello again. I just told you about my faviorite character. Now im going to tell you about my faviorite chapter.

The very last chapter 22. That is my personal faviorite . I love it cause its so funny , and also kinda sad.

As my great teacher read it to my class and I, I started to remeber all the things that happened . Winn- Dixie laughing so had she smiled : ), and more. It also was my favioite cause of the party and the dog pictures , and even the fact that it rained .


That is why chapter 22/ the last chapter is my FAVIORITE

Good Bye 3rd Grade

I liked that, All the teachers there all really nice . I also liked Feild day .

I learned,In reading about schema . I also learned in science, about about gases,solids and even liquids.

My advise,is to do/show your work.My advise is also when we have the STTAAR is to do your best .dont just do aaaaaaa or jjjjjjj. The teachers are awsome but the will take points away. DO YOUR BEST . HAVE FUN FUTERE THIRD GRADE.