Good deed

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Today is a great day, it’s not just a day to be off work and school. It’s a day that’s celebrated on the 3rd Monday of January, and it’s a day to do good. So my good deed for the day is that… I cleaned my kitchen for my mom! 

Midnight Ride

         Mission was to warn everyone about the British

         In Massachusetts which is were it took place

         Dawes William Dawes was a rider 

         Number 1 location was Massachusetts

          In 1775 the Midnight rider began

         Government knew ahead of time to be prepared

         He yelled “THE BRITISH ARE COMING” which was the warning or calling to get people to leave

         The signal they had used One if by Land Two if by Sea , means 1 lantern if by  land 2 if by sea

         Revere Paul Revere was a rider . 

         In the Midnight Ride one of three riders was Samuel Prescott  

         Do you know how many British soldiers there were?Approximately 700 . 

Every minuteman was ready to fight.


Colonial Bookbinder

Life as a bookbinder are hard. I have to have a lot of patience and strength to hold the heavy tools. It can also be kinda fun cause its like sewing. I think the hardest part of my day is bookbinding  {haha get it the whole job is hard} . We have these really cool tools that help us bind the book and its pages  together . I can also make really cool designs on the books. It also makes me so very precise with everything cause I actually have to fold pages together [that’s were precise comes in] .  I then have to pass on to my fellow worker and he places on the cover of said book . I think he gets the fun part cause he gets to hit the pages down with a hammer. I have about 1k a day. cause just think some books have 200-400 pages at a time. 

Definition Poem


Who is Anne Hutchinson ?

Speaks her mind 

Got banished for religious beliefs 

A influential puritan spiritual leader

Teacher Bible sessions to a women group

Early colonists

Called a “American Jezebel”

Very smart

Joined congregation of John Cotton

Spread her own interpretations of the Bible 

Puritan spiritual leader 

That is Anne Hutchinson