Halloween Horror

Me and my  best friend Alex and Austin were walking through the dark woods to Walmart and it was before sunrise we heard a loud mmmmm. We discovered it was Jaidan the vampire! She walked with us to Walmart. OMG, the Doritos are gone (over the intercom we hear , ” a NFL player named kyler who has seemed to eat all the doritos. “oh hey” (KYLER SAID) “Do I know you ” (ME) yes from white oak(KYLER) oh yeah last time I saw you we were doing that halloween story. (KADEE) oh yeah well I got blaze Doritos left. (KYLER) ok well I gotta go to stupid Hamilton with Jaidan . were did my squad go.( I ASK MYSELF) oh there they are building a toilet paper fort. Lets go yall were gonna go to Hamilton . So as we walk to  Hamilton we lose Jaidan and Austin so now we dont have to go to Hamilton . So me and Alex go to see IT instead. BTW were all about 17-20 and non of this really happened sorry for my freinds who dissapeared

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